Remainders: Rebutting the idea that "corporate reform" isn't real

  • Unionist Leo Casey counters the argument against the very idea that corporate reform exists. (Shanker)
  • An observer argues that rhetoric on teacher evals has gone from heated to wrong. (School Finance 101)
  • A related question: Are current teacher evaluation systems bad or just not done right? (More Thoughtful)
  • Now that G&T screening test scores are out, families have to apply for spots. (Insideschools, DNA Info)
  • A teacher who keeps close tabs on the Absent Teacher Reserve sees new issues. (Chaz’s School Daze)
  • A teacher says a top-notch principal convinced her to stay in the classroom. (Charting My Own Course)
  • Some Philadelphia schools with past cheating problems will get extra testing attention. (Notebook)
  • Here’s another take on our math Common Core event, from our co-hosts. (New America NYC)