Rise & Shine: For Quinn, Plan B in middle schools a possibility

News from New York City:

  • Christine Quinn said she might provide emergency contraception to middle-schoolers. (PostDaily News)
  • Schools explain the challenge of helping students with asthma, the subject of a CSA campaign. (NY1)
  • New York City reduced its reliance on testing to assess an ambitious summer program. (GothamSchools)
  • A report turned the question of city schools’ internet connection quality into a debate. (GothamSchools)
  • Bill Thompson’s latest TV ad focuses on education but doesn’t explain how he’d be different. (Times)
  • Eliot Spitzer’s new ad is also about education, focusing on his role in boosting city school funds. (Metro)
  • A Queens student hurt when her school bus crashed in April is suing the Department of Education. (Post)

And beyond:

  • Pearson faces a test this week when it rolls out an N.C. district’s new data system. (Charlotte Observer)
  • A new poll finds wide education policy ambivalence and Common Core ignorance. (HuffPo, Politico)
  • British schools are steeling themselves for the second straight year of declining test scores. (Guardian)
  • No one was injured after a man with an AK-47 sneaked into an Atlanta-area school. (AJCTimes)
  • Schools across the country are installing “panic buttons” as a low-cost tool to boost safety. (WSJ)
  • Low-income teenagers of color continue to struggle most to access summer job opportunities. (WSJ)