Find out how well your New York City school scored on state tests

New York released state test scores on Wednesday, and many parents are eager to know how city schools fared.

The topline scores show that New York City students continued to outperform their peers in other large districts across the state. But among the city’s more than 1,600 schools, test results vary widely and often in predictable ways.

More so than anywhere else in the country, schools here sort students based on their past academic performance. The most selective schools often post sky-high test scores, while those that serve mostly poor students tend to struggle.

There are bright spots, however, with schools like P.S. 15 Roberto Clemente in the East Village showing strong scores despite serving a disproportionate number of students who are homeless or come from low-income families.

The school has been at the center of an effort to integrate elementary schools in District 1 and has revamped its teaching style and launched a gifted and talented program to try to attract more middle-class families. While demographics there have been slow to change, P.S. 15 students now perform above the city average on the state’s math and English exams.

Another factor that could influence scores: the number of students who refuse to take the exams. Neighborhoods such as Brooklyn’s District 15 have been a hotbed of the opt-out movement within the city, with many protesting the high-stakes attached to standardized testing.

How did your school fare this year? Use our tool below to find a school and compare it to others across the city.