Chicago has an unprecedented number of candidates on the ballot for mayor. So what do they all have to say about schools?

A lot.

A January poll showed that school quality ranked higher than corruption, race relations, and police reform as issues that Chicago voters care about most. 

But Chicago’s candidates for mayor are divided on which path they’d take to improve the city’s schools. For example, eight told Chalkbeat they’d push for an elected school board, while six would support a “hybrid” school board, which is a mix of elected and appointed representatives. 

We asked each candidate to explain his or her position on that question and five more in our voter guide. Since the fall, we’ve also detailed education plans, compared responses on key education issues, and tracked responses at mayoral forums.

Here are other stories that help spotlight where they stand on key education issues:

Chicago’s municipal election is Tuesday. A runoff will be held April 2 for any race in which no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote.