Some of Colorado’s smallest school districts have the most to gain under Gov. John Hickenlooper’s proposed budget, according to figures released by the Colorado Department of Education.

All ten of the school districts to see the largest proposed increases are small, with projected student populations ranging from 50 to 342.  Those school districts — including Kiowa, Agate and Campo — would see their funding increase between about $380 and $600 per student. Meanwhile, the state’s largest school districts including Denver, Jeffco and Aurora public schools would see their funding increase by about $180.

Only two school districts would see a decrease in student funding if Hickenlooper’s budget were to be adopted as presented: Clear Creek and Dolores.

How much each school gets per student is determined by a variety of factors such as the size of the district and poverty level.

Hickenlooper will present his budget to the General Assembly’s Joint Budget Committee on Nov. 14. From there, lawmakers will take up the issue when they reconvene in January.

A word of warning: much can and often does change between the governor’s proposed budget and what is ultimately adopted in the spring. But for now, see how much more you school district would earn per student in our database here: