Denver is known as a dog town, so it’s no surprise that four-legged friends were well represented on the picket lines during the Denver teacher strike. The lizard … the lizard was a surprise.

Got a good photo of a Denver teacher strike dog? Or any other teacher strike companion animal?

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PHOTO: Yesenia Robles, Chalkbeat
Emily Barthel, a Denver teacher, secures a strike sign on her dog Fern.



PHOTO: Yesenia Robles, Chalkbeat
Stitch, a lab mix, strikes with Denver teachers on Tuesday.


PHOTO: Erica Meltzer/Chalkbeat
Wrigley marches with teachers from southwest Denver schools.


PHOTO: Erica Meltzer/Chalkbeat
Ziggy got his bandana especially for teacher solidarity.


PHOTO: Yesenia Robles, Chalkbeat
Louie, the doodle, walked with Denver teachers at Schmitt Elementary Monday morning.


PHOTO: Yesenia Robles, Chalkbeat
Cinca sports a union shirt during the Denver teacher strike.


PHOTO: Melanie Asmar/Chalkbeat
Rocky is a class lizard. He came to negotiations Wednesday.
PHOTO: Submitted by Sara Singh
This dog joined teachers at Teller Elementary making signs.
PHOTO: Submitted by Kate Arnold
Bailey walked the picket line at Beach Court Elementary School.