This week, Chalkbeat published a joint eight-part series in partnership with the Indianapolis Star and WFYI Public Media called Lost In Translation. The series explored steep growth in the number of children learning English as a new language in Indianapolis.

In the series, immigrant students said they often feel unwelcome. But some schools are doing well adapting to serve them. Other schools have shown that they can overcome their struggles to help fast-growing groups of students moving in from other countries.

Recognizing the changes in its student body, Indianapolis Public Schools is working on a plan to better serve English language learners. Some charter schools already are having success with innovative approaches.

Teachers have also developed a series of classroom strategies that seem to be making a difference. Even so, the series has raised questions around state policies for funding English language learning programs and testing requirements for students just arrive from other countries.

On Thursday, Chalkbeat Bureau Chief Scott Elliott and reporters Stephanie Wang of the Indianapolis Star and Eric Weddle of WFYI joined host John Krull on No Limits to talk about the series:

On Wednesday, Chalkbeat will host a panel discussion about this topic at 6 p.m. at the Central Library featuring several of the people we interviewed for the series. For more information go to our event page.