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Weekend Reads: Even with local support, Chicago ignores a plan to integrate two nearby schools

Students in a math class at Scott Carpenter work on personal finance.
Students in a math class at Scott Carpenter work on personal finance.
Nicholas Garcia
  • Chicago officials have ignored a plan to integrate two nearby schools even though the school leaders offered support. (WBEZ)
  • The head of the KIPP Foundation embraced the Black Lives Matter movement in a recent speech. (KIPP)
  • Organizations connected to Black Lives Matter put forth education ideas that include ending Teach for America and more local control of school districts.
  • On one list of Hillary Clinton’s potential education secretaries: Denver schools chief Tom Boasberg and John King, the current one. (Washington Examiner)
  • Author Ansley Erickson hopes the story of how Nashville schools have resegregated offers lessons for other districts. (Chalkbeat)
  • Not much has changed: 25 years ago, Ed Week’s cover story on Teach for America was headlined, “Salvation or ‘Disservice’?” (Teacher Beat)
  • Forty-six years ago, racial bias helped turn Indianapolis into one city with 11 school districts. (Chalkbeat)
  • Districts with strong teachers unions fire more teachers, according to a new study whose author explains why. (NBER/Edushyster)
  • As New York City’s schools have gotten better, schools upstate have gotten worse as their cities have declined. (Hechinger Report)
  • In Rochester, N.Y., just 17 black third-grade boys passed the state English exam. (Dropout Nation)
  • Arizona is making impressive gains in math, according to this analysis. (Jay P. Greene)
  • One teacher whose students’ test scores jumped up says she doesn’t care. Here’s why. (Pedagogy of the Oppressed)

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