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A young woman wearing a black jacket and brown headdress speaks through a red and white bullhorn microphone. There are several students holding signs or standing in solidarity behind her.

Students from Roosevelt High School participate in a statewide walkout on April 19, 2021 in Minneapolis. Students from high schools across Minneapolis gathered at the U.S. Bank Stadium to stand in solidarity against racial injustice and honor the lives of George Floyd and Daunte Wright.

Brandon Bell / Getty Images

Remembering George Floyd: Young people fight against racial violence and demand justice for all

It has been a year since we watched George Floyd, a Black man, die beneath the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer. 

The cell phone footage of his brutal death sparked global protests that raged through the summer, igniting a long overdue conversation about racism in America.   

For the last 12 months, young people have helped propel this country’s multifaceted racial reckoning. They have marched through the streets, supported equity in pandemic-era classrooms, kneeled on ball fields, created powerful activist art, spoken out on social media, and stood up for justice in spaces where young folks gather.

While former police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of Floyd’s murder last month, the fight against systems that support racism, both implicit and explicit, is far from over. 

Today as we remember George Floyd and the movement that he inspired, we offer these powerful images as a reminder that the next generation is watching.