The Aurora school board is scheduled to meet in closed session to discuss a discrimination complaint brought by former Superintendent Rico Munn. Two investigations reached different conclusions.

Cherelle Parker and David Oh will advance to November’s general election. Philadelphia’s next mayor will have the power to reshape the school board and influence several education issues, including charter school authorization.

What happens when public schools can’t or won’t meet kids’ needs — and the wait for a specialized school is weeks or months?

Illinois Teacher of the Year Briana Morales supports her students in East St. Louis District 189 by using written and spoken word to navigate poverty, gun violence, and personal loss.

Marie Feagins, of Detroit’s public school district, withdrew but has asked to be reconsidered for the role.

“We are a welcoming environment,” a top Denver administrator said this week. “We really want students to be in their school environment.”

Questions remain about whether enough is being done to get the word out to families that don’t speak English and what programming will look like.

The next district leader will face a divided board while trying to meet the needs of one of the state’s most diverse communities, and raising their academic achievement.

Some observers say the recent challenges are a sign that political winds have shifted in DPS.