Lawyer for Lincoln Towers residents blasts Department of Education over Upper West Side rezoning

On Monday, one day before a final vote on the Upper West Side school rezoning proposal, a lawyer representing community members opposed to the plan called for it to be rescinded and for a new one to be drawn up.

In a letter sent to city Department of Education officials, the attorney, Matthew Delforte, wrote that the parents still have concerns about the process and the data used to draw up the plan.

“Our clients and the broader public were denied the opportunity to review and analyze the data upon which the DOE has relied in coming to its conclusions on how to diversify the district and relieve overcrowding. This is particularly problematic since we have shown already that data the DOE relied on in establishing its various scenarios is flawed and inaccurate. As a result, we have no faith in the plan.”

He also wrote that the current plan is “contrary to law,” in that it is missing certain elements. Delforte contends the department should draw up Educational Impact Statements that outline how all the schools that will experience “a significant change” will be impacted by the rezoning — before a final vote is cast.

“We can only hope that the DOE will have the courage and good sense to rescind its rezoning plan before the CEC votes to adopt it,” he wrote.

The city Department of Education is proposing to change school boundaries around high-performing P.S. 199, cutting some families from the Lincoln Towers community out of the zone. A final vote on the plan is expected Tuesday night.