Philadelphia Gun Violence

The Trace analyzed shootings within 500 yards of schools nationwide from 2014 through 2023. Five of the top 10 schools by total number of shootings were in the same Philadelphia neighborhood.

Parker’s plan includes assigning more police to school beats, more closely monitoring shooting threats on social media, and more.

The program, called Handle With Care, involves referrals by police to schools when law enforcement encounters children at traumatic events like domestic violence or sudden deaths.

Northeast High School Principal Omar Crowder said the school has provided additional mental health services and police patrols near the school have increased after a shooting wounded eight students March 6.

More than 3,000 students at Northeast High School are learning remotely this week after a shooting injured 8 students less than a mile from their school.

With $1 million in federal funding, Bartram High School’s approach could become a model for the city’s highest-risk campuses.

Bethel, who promoted changes to juvenile justice, will be the city’s top cop under mayor-elect Cherelle Parker.

Last school year, 199 Philadelphia students were victims of gun violence, and 33 died.

Philadelphia’s school safety chief said getting more students into out-of-school activities can also help keep them out of trouble.

Nearly 200 students were shot during the past school year in Philadelphia. State Attorney Michelle Henry discussed the situation with students and her office’s attempts to help.

Superintendent Tony Watlington says educators must be key partners in addressing the problem.

Watlington said the district will work closely with the police department, and urged parents and others to collaborate.

One football player said ‘we’re out here doing it’ for the slain student, Nicolas Elizalde.

Superintendent Tony Watlington called the incident “absolutely unimaginable.”

The school district is sending its crisis response team to Roxborough High School to support students and staff.

The district’s top safety official stressed that schools remain “the safest place” for students.

The $1.8 million proposal would focus on areas near schools most affected by gun violence.

The district says it will implement the new weapons screenings with “sensitivity.” But some worry about the impact. 

Virtual discussion sheds light on epidemic and its impact on the mental health of students