The issues drew heavy criticism from the community about the way the school and district leaders handled problems of racial harassment that led students to transfer, teachers to resign, and legal action.

On Thursday morning, teachers greeted students with hugs and high fives and volunteers from other KIPP New Jersey schools welcomed students getting off yellow school buses.

New Jersey students of color shared the impact of attending schools that did not reflect their cultural backgrounds and the challenges they faced.

The National Council on Teacher Quality report analyzed 10 college and university programs in New Jersey, although another 13 programs in the state did not participate. Some experts have previously questioned the organization’s methodology.

After two years of learning disruptions, teachers at KIPP Rise Academy are learning how to deal with the emotional and social challenges of pandemic-era teaching through mental health intervention exercises.

Some families are scrambling to pay unexpected costs, and worry about where their children will go to school next year, after the state closed University Heights Charter School.