School segregation / integration

The policy shift comes after some Manhattan parents lobbied Chancellor David Banks to impose geographic admissions preferences at high-demand local high schools.

Just 4.5% of offers at specialized high schols went to Black students and 7.6% to Latino students, a slight uptick from last year. About two-thirds of the city’s students are Black or Latino.

Thousands of migrant families are moving into majority Black neighborhoods, where schools are struggling to serve kids who are learning English as a new language.

The list of schools that would offer the admissions bump hasn’t been finalized. But the campuses under consideration include Millennium, Beacon, Bard Early College and Eleanor Roosevelt High Schools.

Daniel Kiel, whose documentary chronicled the ‘Memphis 13,’ sees vouchers and ‘colorblind’ policies eroding progress on desegregation.

History often pays attention to Oliver Brown and the male lawyers behind the landmark case. But 12 Black mothers from Kansas also played a crucial role in challenging inequities in their children’s schools.

The state’s Latinx student population is steadily increasing but attending “increasingly hyper-segregated schools,” according to a new report from the Latino Action Network Foundation and Rutgers University Cornwall Center.

American schools are far more integrated than they were before Brown v. Board. But 70 years after the decision, segregation is increasing in the large districts that serve many Black students.

For many, the Wednesday placements marked the end of the city’s middle school admissions process.

Thousands of eighth grade students nervously awaited their high school placements on Thursday.

By declining to hear the case, the Supreme Court leaves intact admissions policies that aim to increase diversity at selective high schools. But other legal challenges may be in store.

The coalition of advocates and families who filed the lawsuit against the state, along with intervening parties, including charter schools, have agreed to meet to discuss remedies.

Los demandantes tienen que decidir si van a juicio, inician negociaciones o presentan una apelación.

Experts and community members joined together at the Newark Public Library for a panel discussion of school segregation in N.J. Panelists discussed data trends, the pain of students’ lived experience, and what can be done to enact change.