CJ Ortuño

VP of Philanthropy

CJ Ortuño, Vice President of Philanthropy, brings nearly 20 years of nonprofit executive leadership and fundraising experience to Chalkbeat. He has led nonprofits and fundraising programs in diverse causes ranging from civic engagement to human rights and from K-12 to higher education. Before joining Chalkbeat, CJ was a nonprofit consultant with one of the top philanthropy firms in the country, Grenzenbach, Glier, and Associates. His career started in Miami, where he raised money for civil and human rights work as the executive director of SAVE, one of Florida’s largest LGBT advocacy organizations. He’s also raised money in New York as the executive director of institutional advancement for CUNY School of Law, whose mission is to graduate a diverse field of public interest lawyers. Eventually, he made his way to Teach For America, where he led a team managing the fundraising learning strategy for 200+ fundraisers across the country.