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Latest higher education news

FAFSA delays threaten how helpful a better application will be for students and families this year

Colorado's higher education data breach also threatens how the state monitors student progress

The Call Me MISTER program to train teachers started in South Carolina and is now in Colorado

Many applicants are being rejected because they’re confused about which debt forgiveness program to apply for.

Schools are using mentoring and academic advising to help more students stick around.

Colorado cuenta con numerosas opciones universitarias gratuitas para los estudiantes. Los estudiantes también pueden encontrar otras formas de compensar el costo de ir a la universidad.

Lawmakers will likely try to remedy the problem, which involves an agreement between community colleges and school districts.

Pueblo Community College has tried to help adults make college work with their busy lives.

CU Boulder’s free college program now applies to students who are specifically within its engineering program

Colorado students rarely have to pay the sticker price of tuition. There are numerous ways to get free college or offset tuition.

About 44 million Americans hold roughly $1.7 trillion in student loan debt. October marks the restart of payments.

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling on race-conscious admissions has focused attention on legacy admissions, which Colorado banned two years ago. The impact on campus diversity is unclear.

Women are building the networks that will train the next generation of pilots, air traffic controllers, and more. MSU Denver is playing a critical role for an industry with a big gender gap and an aging workforce.

The money will support strategies that give students a head start on postsecondary education: ‘It’s all about accelerating the evolution of our high schools.’