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Latest How I Teach stories
This ENL teacher wants her students to feel comfortable sharing their stories and identities.
Crystal Johnson, an AP English teacher affectionately known as Miss CJ, was recently named a 2023 Educator of Excellence.
Bronx teacher Janina Jarnich, a 26-year veteran of the city’s public schools, explains what it’s like to use EL Education.
Karen Howell-Toomer, principal of Universal Vare Charter School, said she hopes the temporary building will be like a “boutique” for students.
Leah Williamson, a school social worker, said her students don’t “come from white picket fences, unicorns, and glitter, and do not want to be treated as [if] they do.”
“Each student has passion and curiosity inside them and I am so honored whenever I can play a small part in igniting these things,” said Matt Vriesman, who teaches at East Kentwood High School.
Eva Padilla said her queerness is not the main feature of the classroom — it’s an organic part of it. She spoke with Chalkbeat about her passion for history and how her own educational experience shapes her as a teacher today.
Michigan Teacher of the Year Candice Jackson was inspired to enter the teaching profession after she taught basic accounting lessons to children in the community.
Larisa Bukalov, a math teacher at Bayside High School in Queens, began working with educators in her native country of Ukraine after Russia invaded the country.
The two Teachers of the Year can choose to compete in the statewide Teacher of the Year competition run by the Indiana Department of Education.
Nikia Garland has applied for several grants to enhance the learning experience of her students. Her latest fellowship will bring her to Norway.
Leah Wood said she’ll go to great lengths to get her students engaged with what they’re learning
Wendy Birhanzel describes the Harrison school district’s efforts to reduce out-of-school suspensions and a local partnership to cover the cost of college.
Rebecka Peterson knows math can be intimidating. Here’s how the award-winning teacher opens up and helps students feel like “math people.”
“I do see them as like an artery of the school,” Josie Silver said of libraries.
The new school, known as South Bronx Literacy Academy, is the culmination of years of advocacy from a handful of parent advocates.
As a young girl, Nubia Lumumba recruited kids in her neighborhood for her makeshift school in her backyard. Today, she’s the teacher of her own high school classroom where she aims to connect with students on a deeper level.
Cheriece White, an art and technology teacher at Metropolitan Soundview High School, shows her students how to create brands for the companies they dream up. White was a grand prize winner of the FLAG Award for Teaching Excellence.
This middle school math and science teacher held his students to high standards, even amid the pandemic
Chad Lemons started a unified percussion ensemble for students with intellectual disabilities and peer mentors at Mead High School.
Teachers like Gipson — experienced, committed to working with 4-year-olds, and bilingual to boot — are in short supply in Michigan preschools.
Sharayne Douglas works as a therapist with the Pace Center for Girls, a non-profit that provides academic support, counseling, and other services to girls who are struggling and who have experienced trauma.
Franklin Fine Arts Center students are joining rock bands, taking ukulele classes, or joining the choir ensemble thanks to Anne Gray.
Fourth grade math teacher Angela Fowler of Indiana was recently awarded the Milken Educator Award for her work.
Queens teacher Thomas Gelardi’s YouTube channel took off during the COVID pandemic. He’s garnered more than 4 million views on his videos that help kids stay active in small spaces.
The Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol inspired Anne-Michele Boyle to step up her media literacy curriculum.
Stacy Wolff was recently named an Outstanding Environmental Educator by the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education.