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Latest national news
“I would love us to try to agree on some goals,” said Arne Ducan at a forum on Tuesday. “I don’t have a lot of optimism that it’s going to come at the national level.”
Our California school district has a large population of Mexican families for whom neither Spanish nor English is their first language.
Tell us what you wish you knew before you started teaching.
Amid efforts to tackle challenges students face, one administrator says her message remains: ‘You’ve got to come to school.’
Homeless students are suspended at higher rates than their peers. ‘They’re being punished, a lot of times, for being impoverished.’
Masks are mostly gone and there’s less social awkwardness at school. Now, much of teachers’ energy is spent helping students fill pandemic learning gaps so they can move forward.
Here’s what we know: high-poverty schools face a bigger cliff, that more federal money won’t be forthcoming, and that school budgets will be shaped both by districts’ own financial decisions and those made by state politicians.
Her book discusses the racial history of school vouchers, the more progressive arguments for school choice, the rise of charter schools, and choice advocates’ recent focus on culture war issues.
Many lessons focus on what unfolded on that terrible Tuesday without examining the devastation that followed.
Six in 10 U.S. adults are in favor of providing all students with free lunch, a new national poll found. The results come as more states adopt universal school meal programs.
The move by Las Vegas and Tampa area schools follows scrutiny of the company’s practices.
The loss of extra programming — like after-school tutoring, smaller class sizes, additional staff — could make learning loss recovery even more challenging.
This suggests that critiques of American education are making inroads with the public, but don’t appear to reflect most parents’ own experiences.
The question for all but the strongest, most charismatic teaching personalities: How do you want to come across to your new students?