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Chalkbeat will deliver on our new core value of anti-racism by identifying and making needed adjustments to our culture, our reporting, our operations, and our team.

Key Strategies

Live up to our commitment that it is not enough for Chalkbeat to be non-racist, but that we must also stand against racism

  • Weave Chalkbeat’s anti-racism stance into our organizational culture.
  • Improve our journalism by offering stronger coverage that makes our anti-racism value clear.
  • Systematically provide cultural competency training to all Chalkbeat managers.
Strengthen our organizational culture
  • Offer formal mentoring, professional coaching, and professional development to the team, as well as psycho-social support to team members, in particular those from marginalized backgrounds.
  • Use our code of conduct to establish values and behavioral norms to which entire team will be held accountable.
  • Establish an anonymous feedback loop that gives team members an opportunity to surface concerns around team culture.
Proactively seek out prime candidates to fill vacancies and establish Chalkbeat as an employer of choice
  • Reach qualified passive job candidates rather than limiting search efforts to candidates that respond to job postings.
DEIB Statement & Dashboard