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Leadership Team

Elizabeth Green, Kendra Irving, Amy Rosenblum

From left to right: Elizabeth Green, Kendra Irving, Amy Rosenblum

Elizabeth Green COFOUNDER & CEO egreen@chalkbeat.org

Elizabeth Green is the CEO and co-founder of Chalkbeat. She is also the cofounder of the American Journalism Project, the first venture philanthropy firm dedicated to local news. Elizabeth’s book Building a Better Teacher was a New York Times bestseller and notable book of 2014. She has also written about education issues for The New York Times Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, and other publications. Elizabeth has been a Spencer Fellow in education journalism at Columbia University and an Abe Journalism Fellow studying education in Japan.

Kendra Irving CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER kirving@chalkbeat.org

Kendra Irving is a CPA with over twenty years of experience as a finance executive overseeing complex financial reporting and analysis efforts. Prior to joining Chalkbeat, she held the roles of Vice President at the John Gore Organization and Director at HBO where she headed the finance functions with focus on strategic partnering and people-focused leading. Her financial management and business acumen have supported critical long-term business and financial decisions. She started her career at Ernst & Young, LLP as an auditor of clients in the consumer products industry and nonprofit sector. Kendra is a graduate of the University at Buffalo and holds an MBA from NYU.

Amy Rosenblum CHIEF REVENUE OFFICER arosenblum@chalkbeat.org

Before joining the Chalkbeat team, Amy Rosenblum built a career over 20 years focused on developing strong and thriving nonprofit organizations. Combining a passion for community-based work with the pragmatism of a business background, she worked as a researcher, fundraising, consultant, and small business owner. Growing up as the daughter of a journalist, Amy’s thrilled to bring her experience full circle to work with Chalkbeat. She holds a BA from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT and an MBA from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado – Boulder. 

Outside of work, you can find her hiking and playing with her husband, kids, and dogs along the trails in Boulder, CO. 



Reema Amin REPORTER, CHALKBEAT CHICAGO ramin@chalkbeat.org

Krishnan Anantharaman STORY EDITOR kanantharaman@chalkbeat.org

Aleksandra Appleton REPORTER, CHALKBEAT INDIANA aappleton@chalkbeat.org

Melanie Asmar SENIOR REPORTER, CHALKBEAT COLORADO masmar@chalkbeat.org

Ethan Bakuli REPORTER, CHALKBEAT DETROIT ebakuli@chalkbeat.org

Matt Barnum INTERIM NATIONAL EDITOR mbarnum@chalkbeat.org

Caroline Bauman COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT MANAGER cbauman@chalkbeat.org

Kalyn Belsha SENIOR NATIONAL REPORTER kbelsha@chalkbeat.org

Gabrielle Birkner FEATURES EDITOR AND FELLOWSHIP DIRECTOR gbirkner@chalkbeat.org

Catherine Carrera BUREAU CHIEF, CHALKBEAT NEWARK ccarrera@chalkbeat.org

Elaine Cromie PHOTO EDITOR ecromie@chalkbeat.org

Sarah Darville INTERIM CHALKBEAT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF sdarville@chalkbeat.org

Hannah Dellinger REPORTER, CHALKBEAT DETROIT hdellinger@chalkbeat.org

Michael Elsen-Rooney REPORTER, CHALKBEAT NEW YORK melsen-rooney@chalkbeat.org

Cara Fitzpatrick STORY EDITOR cfitzpatrick@chalkbeat.org

Jessie Gomez REPORTER, CHALKBEAT NEWARK jgomez@chalkbeat.org

Jason Gonzales HIGHER EDUCATION REPORTER, CHALKBEAT COLORADO jgonzales@chalkbeat.org

Susan Gonzalez SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIST sgonzalez@chalkbeat.org

Eric Gorski MANAGING EDITOR FOR LOCAL NEWS egorski@chalkbeat.org

Catherine Green NEWSLETTER EDITOR cgreen@chalkbeat.org

Eba Hamid-Rivera DIRECTOR OF AUDIENCE ehamid-rivera@chalkbeat.org

Lori Higgins BUREAU CHIEF, CHALKBEAT DETROIT lhiggins@chalkbeat.org

Eddie King DATA ANALYTICS MANAGER, eking@chalkbeat.org

Mila Koumpilova SENIOR REPORTER, CHALKBEAT CHICAGO mkoumpilova@chalkbeat.org

Dale Mezzacappa SENIOR REPORTER, CHALKBEAT PHILADELPHIA dmezzacappa@chalkbeat.org

Carrie Melago MANAGING EDITOR FOR LOCAL NEWS cmelago@chalkbeat.org

Erica Meltzer BUREAU CHIEF, CHALKBEAT COLORADO emeltzer@chalkbeat.org

Amelia Pak-Harvey REPORTER, CHALKBEAT INDIANA apak-harvey@chalkbeat.org

Kae Petrin DATA AND GRAPHICS REPORTER kpetrin@chalkbeat.org

Mónica Rhor STORY EDITOR mrhor@chalkbeat.org

Yesenia Robles REPORTER, CHALKBEAT COLORADO yrobles@chalkbeat.org

Emiliana Sandoval MANAGING EDITOR FOR STYLE AND STANDARDS esandoval@chalkbeat.org


Julian Shen-Berro REPORTER, CHALKBEAT NATIONAL jshen-berro@chalkbeat.org

Carly Sitrin BUREAU CHIEF, CHALKBEAT PHILADELPHIA csitrin@chalkbeat.org

MJ Slaby BUREAU CHIEF, CHALKBEAT INDIANA mslaby@chalkbeat.org

Samantha Smylie STATE EDUCATION REPORTER, CHALKBEAT CHICAGO ssmylie@chalkbeat.org

Laura Testino REPORTER, CHALKBEAT TENNESSEE ltestino@chalkbeat.org

Andrew Ujifusa STORY EDITOR aujifusa@chalkbeat.org

Becky Vevea BUREAU CHIEF, CHALKBEAT CHICAGO bvevea@chalkbeat.org

Melissa Villanueva EDITORIAL OPERATIONS MANAGER mvillanueva@chalkbeat.org

Tonyaa Weathersbee BUREAU CHIEF, CHALKBEAT TENNESSEE tweathersbee@chalkbeat.org

Thomas Wilburn SENIOR DATA EDITOR twilburn@chalkbeat.org

Amy Zimmer BUREAU CHIEF, CHALKBEAT NEW YORK azimmer@chalkbeat.org

Alex Zimmerman REPORTER, CHALKBEAT NEW YORK azimmerman@chalkbeat.org

Business Operations

Touré Bridges DIRECTOR OF PEOPLE OPERATIONS tbridges@civicnews.org

Tiahna Fletcher PEOPLE OPERATIONS ASSOCIATE tfletcher@chalkbeat.org

Bethanie Glaser SENIOR DIRECTOR, STRATEGY & EXPANSION bglaser@chalkbeat.org

Katie Jimenez-Gray MANAGER, OFFICE OF THE CEO kjimenez-gray@chalkbeat.org

Cynthia Haynes-Williams PROSPECT STRATEGY AND RESEARCH MANAGER chaynes-williams@chalkbeat.org

Joanna Kadieva SENIOR DIRECTOR OF PHILANTHROPY, LOCAL MARKETS jkadieva@civicnews.org

Stephanie Massawa ACCOUNTING MANAGER smassawa@chalkbeat.org

Isaiah McGregory DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT, LOCAL MARKETS imcgregory@chalkbeat.org

Esther Odle FINANCE OPERATIONS ASSOCIATE eodle@chalkbeat.org

CJ Ortuño VP OF PHILANTHROPY cortuno@chalkbeat.org

Nicholas Ratcliffe DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY nratcliffe@chalkbeat.org

Liz Richards GRANTS MANAGER lrichards@civicnews.org

Anakaren Rios STAFF ACCOUNTANT arios@chalkbeat.org

Angela Shaker JUNIOR SPONSORSHIPS MANAGER ashaker@civicnews.org

Laura Wendorf CHIEF OF STAFF, REVENUE lwendorf@chalkbeat.org

Matt Yabor SENIOR DIRECTOR OF EARNED REVENUE myabor@chalkbeat.org

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