Although position cuts in Memphis have been expected all year, details were sparse until a meeting Tuesday where board members pushed back on how Superintendent Marie Feagins has communicated to staff.

Maintenance projects for existing Memphis schools will take priority, Feagins says.

The increase could make open teaching positions more attractive, especially to staffers whose positions may be eliminated.

With time running out, GOP leaders insist voucher bill is still in play

Legislation easily clears first legislative hurdle, with two votes set for March 6.

No testing requirements, anti-discrimination language, or program evaluation plan are included.

GOP lawmakers also want to conduct annual hearings into student testing requirements.

With another battle expected over vouchers, see what legislative leaders and advocates are saying.

In order to maintain some of the academic strategies and programs supported by expiring pandemic relief funds, the district may reexamine how its schools are run.

Sen. Jon Lundberg is cool to the idea of saying no to over a billion dollars a year.

Two out-of-state conservative groups will get the last word in Tennessee’s legislative hearings on rejecting federal education funding.

Aging school buildings, lagging teacher pay: ‘The needs are so great,’ says head of Memphis district.

The group will begin meeting in early November and report to the legislature by Jan. 6.

Most federal money supports low-income students, English language learners, students with disabilities.

Challenge to classroom censorship will continue, while fight against the state’s ban on payroll dues collection ends.

With $78 million in new funds for Memphis-Shelby County Schools salaries and bonuses, district officials hope to encourage retention and entice new teachers. Here’s how teacher paychecks will increase.

The findings prompted personnel changes and stricter controls soon after Toni Williams took over as interim superintendent.