Statehouse policy and politics

Former librarian will lead panel that could decide which titles students statewide can access.

The revised policy also requires more tutoring for struggling readers who advance to fifth grade.

Lawmakers send bill to the governor, who signaled that he'll sign it

Tennessee lawmakers voted this week to approve the proposal, but it threatens to disrupt an existing contract between the university and Memphis-Shelby County Schools.

Senate and House still at odds over how to revise a 2021 reading and retention law

The vote comes one year after a mass school shooting in Nashville that prompted calls for gun restrictions

With time running out, GOP leaders insist voucher bill is still in play

Student testing is a sticking point as legislative leaders seek a compromise.

Charter networks, both inside and outside the state, are tracking the legislation.

‘People were damn mad,’ said one spectator who was asked to leave the chamber.

Meanwhile, new attempts to tighten the state’s lax gun laws fizzle.

GOP leaders acknowledge that the Achievement School District district had failed in its turnaround mission.

The three-minute computer-generated video, created by an anti-abortion group, has drawn concern from major medical organizations and sparked controversy in state legislatures in Tennessee and elsewhere.

Proposed legislation is meant to ‘expand what’s working,’ according to Memphis Rep. Mark White, the bill’s sponsor.