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Statehouse policy and politics

The Tennessee State Board of Education approved the calculation during a meeting Friday, but some members said lawmakers should take another look at the law for struggling readers.

The 2021 law that vexed third grade families last year offers fewer promotion pathways this year

Nine applicants met the state’s deadline for proposals to open a charter school in 2025

Rep. Mark White cites prolonged frustration with the board’s locally elected leadership

Legislative maneuver delays review and discussion about specifics.

No testing requirements, anti-discrimination language, or program evaluation plan are included.

GOP lawmakers also want to conduct annual hearings into student testing requirements.

Lizzette Reynolds has a broad policy background, but no teaching experience.

Meanwhile, state education chief says ESA program’s first test scores were disappointing.

With another battle expected over vouchers, see what legislative leaders and advocates are saying.

Leader of Tennessee school board group and a superintendent explain why they strongly denounced the updated A-F grading system and a proposed expansion of private-school vouchers.

How will they be calculated? Will they matter? Chalkbeat gives a preview.

Barely a quarter of students who graduated high school in 2012 had earned a degree 10 years later.

Educators don’t want to endorse the state’s culture wars, or get ensnared in them.

Lee’s plan seeks to eliminate income requirements and change who could benefit.

The pullout is the latest setback for efforts to overturn the controversial state law.

Sen. Jon Lundberg is cool to the idea of saying no to over a billion dollars a year.