Aleksandra Appleton

Aleksandra Appleton

Reporter, Chalkbeat Indiana

Aleksandra Appleton is a Reporter for Chalkbeat Indiana. She previously reported on schools in Las Vegas and Fresno, California, where she grew up. Aleks is a graduate of UC San Diego and the Columbia School of Journalism.

Teacher Kali Burks shared stories from her first year teaching eighth grade.

Top Indiana lawmakers said the 2024 session would be more ‘measured’ to allow the sweeping changes of the last two years to take effect.

Lawmakers made Choice Scholarships available to most Indiana families last year.

Two districts are asking for a new kind of funding to support school safety. 

Perry is the only district in Indiana to receive the Teacher and School Leader grant this year. 

The district is also increasing wages for all other support staff.

The district wants to use some of the funding to expand a student-led program that teaches nonviolence.

The union says it has the right to negotiate the issue. The district says that’s not required under state law.

Indiana districts rely on property taxes to pay teacher salaries and offer academic programs and transportation services.