Carly Sitrin

Carly Sitrin

Philadelphia Bureau Chief

Chalkbeat Philadelphia is led by Bureau Chief Carly Sitrin, who joined Chalkbeat in March 2023. Carly came to Chalkbeat from POLITICO, where she covered New Jersey education and established herself as a go-to source on school funding, teachers’ unions, and school integration. Carly began her education reporting career at our partner NJ Spotlight News, where she worked as a reporter covering schools, cannabis and other policy issues and also held the role of social engagement manager. She has also worked in a variety of roles at Vox, Muckrock, The Boston Globe, and Scripps Howard News Service.

The board of education has not approved a new charter school since 2018.

The agreement, which was reached more than six months before the current contract’s expiration date, came as a surprise.

At the same event, new Mayor Cherelle Parker called on the state to provide the school district more funding.

District officials want to boost enrollment, and they support making kindergarten mandatory in Pennsylvania.

Volunteers take a block-by-block approach to connecting families across the city to resources they need to jumpstart their child’s reading skills.

The Basic Education Funding Commission’s report calls for a $5.1 billion increase over seven years, plus more spending on the teaching workforce and school facilities.

Board President and Vice President Reginald Streater and Mallory Fix-Lopez will remain in their roles for the time being. Mayor-elect Cherelle Parker could pick new board members.

School officials say students and teachers could be moved to any of these 24 locations if environmental hazards close schools.

Educator Sarah Budlow said the more she learned about the impact of a kid's school experience on their life and their future, the more she wanted to become a teacher.