Ethan Bakuli

Reporter, Chalkbeat Detroit

Ethan Bakuli covers Detroit public schools for its students, parents, and teachers. Previously, he covered race, education, housing, and inaffordability as a reporter for the Burlington Free Press in Vermont. Prior to that, Ethan spent nearly two years as an intern instructor at New England Public Media’s Media Lab program, where he taught student journalists to report on topics such as food insecurity and mental health.

DPSCD student enrollment and the city’s overall population have been on a steady decline in recent decades.
The experimental school opened to great fanfare in 2019, but the pandemic and leadership turmoil have clouded its brief history.
Officials struggle to reassure the public that planned staff reductions will help stabilize the district’s finances.
At a school board meeting Tuesday, DPSCD Superintendent Nikolai Vitti said a substantial increase to per-pupil funding could ensure some small schools could keep deans.
Health officials confirmed on Friday that some students contracted Haemophilus influenzae.
Candice Jackson’s win marks the first time since 2006 that a Detroit teacher has taken home the state’s highest teaching honor.
District outlines options for employees who face layoffs to move into different positions
DPSCD has 29 cell towers across the city, with some towers reaping as much as $2,000 per month for the district.
DPSCD students would need teacher permission to use tools such as ChatGPT for class assignments under revised policy
50 school employees — mostly deans and assistant principals — have been offered buyout packages ahead of the end of the school year.
It’s the latest in a string of disciplinary actions against district employees over alleged mistreatment of students.
“I do see them as like an artery of the school,” Josie Silver said of libraries.
Trips to France and Spain are still planned for this summer, but the end of federal COVID aid will limit opportunities starting next year.
Michigan legislators hear testimony on the cost of turnover and instability in the classroom
The water hydration stations at the School at Marygrove are operated by the Marygrove Conservancy, not the Detroit school district.
As online credit recovery programs continue to expand, experts raise concerns that a rise in high school graduation rates may not reflect student learning.
Superintendent Nikolai Vitti says officials will host engagement sessions after spring break to share and explain their recommendations.
Students and staff returned March 15, but tile repairs continue in the hallways.
District leaders and bidder Life Remodeled call off talks amid dispute over adding new financial benchmarks to terms of their deal.
Detroit school level administrators and support staff were informed this week of potential job cuts.
Summer school to be scaled back, too, as the district prioritizes nurses, social workers and academic interventionists.
Investments are welcome news for a city working to recover from generations of disinvestment.
Student representatives raised questions about the future of school programs and services funded through federal ESSER funding.
Outspoken teacher Nicole Conaway, fired over work-from-home dispute, will be assigned to a high school when she returns to the district.
Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men was among Detroit’s numerous alternative schools, created in the 1980s as a solution to poor grades and attendance among some of the city’s youth.
Perriel Pace talks about her mission and how she used her voice on the district school board