Imani Harris

Detroit students will take the stage this Friday to share their school experiences with the community.
Detroit’s main district r it is encouraging people to donate their gently used instruments to support their reinvestment in the arts.
A low-performing Detroit charter school is changing its name to honor former President Barack Obama, and adding a new program to encourage student leadership.
Teach for America has trained 33 teachers in Detroit this summer. All of them will be placed into Detroit classrooms in the fall.
The Detroit district has set ambitious goals to hold themselves accountable to the coming year.
Detroit’s main district is beginning the process to return Davis Aerospace students to the city airport after six years of its displacement.
Detroit’s main school district approved a plan to begin hiring their own full-time security guards with the hopes of improving school culture.
There’s less than two months before the school year begins, and Detroit school leaders are searching for ways to fill their classrooms with dedicated teachers.
Teachers, parents, activists, and students share lessons they’ve learned this year in Detroit schools.
The GOAL Line, a shard school bus route that transports Detroit students to and from schools and after-school programs, is adding more schools to participate next year. As they look toward the future, they grapple with sustainability.
Sandra Limmer has been a teacher in Detroit’s main district for 20 years. Monday, she received the Detroit Goodfellows “Teacher of the Year” award.