Kathryn Palmer

“I feel like my school courses didn’t prepare me for any of this,” one student said.
The 427 Tennessee schools make up the largest number of top-performing schools, breaking last year’s record of 318 schools.
Amid Tennessee literacy push, new Memphis teacher wants to ‘help students enjoy reading’
Three other states have recently passed laws requiring LGBTQ-inclusive curricula, which research shows is key to creating safer school environments.
The program takes Tennessee — and the nation — one step closer to producing professionals capable of meeting the rising demand for science and robotics specialists.
“I will do everything I can to help my students succeed but most importantly I need to express to the parent I am on their side.”
We asked our readers to share their experiences with busing in Memphis. Here’s what they had to say.
This is the second consecutive year in which more charter schools than traditional district schools have shuttered.
“Relationships are the key determinant in changing student behaviors,” superintendent Joris Ray said after the event.
Ninety-seven percent of district positions are already spoken for. But like every year, a few positions in every grade and almost every subject remain open.
“At the age of two, they need adults — not just screens — to help them understand how screens work,” the lead author of the study said.
If you were a student, a parent, or a teacher during the more than two decades that Memphis relied on crosstown transportation to keep schools integrated, we’d love to hear about your experiences and how you think they shaped your life.
New social studies standards will soon reach Tennessee classrooms. Here’s what they’ll mean for students, teachers.
Federal funding has dried up for the popular program now serving 9,000 students in two-thirds of the state’s school districts.
At a time when many educators are focused on facts, metrics and standards, Montessori schools are focused on hands-on practice.