Marie Fazio

Since 2016, Illinois has increased both the number of students taking AP exams and the number of students passing exams
Some school districts will cut back on student programs. Others will put off hiring staff. How Illinois school districts are rethinking next school year’s budget.
Backers of a bill that would establish a 21-member Chicago school board say they are building momentum again, this time in the Illinois Senate. If the bill passes the legislature, Chicago could hold school board elections starting in 2023.
Chicago is revisiting the way it funds schools. Here’s what parents and educators told us they’d prioritize.
Members of Lincoln Park High School’s governing body say they want to meet with Mayor Lori Lightfoot and schools chief Janice Jackson in an effort to reinstate their campus administration.
The state would award up to $20,000 in scholarships for bilingual students who want to be educators.
Illinois lags behind other states in preparing aspiring elementary teachers how to teach reading; 43% of state programs earned a D or F in a national study.
Chicago schools are seeking to beef up Local School Council participation, parents are speaking out, and community groups are rallying to boost parent awareness.