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An empathy divide threatens the lives and well-being of Black children.
Many subject-area teachers aren’t trained to identify signs of dyslexia.
College admissions offices should relinquish outdated ideas about which students have what it takes to succeed.
As we confront Holocaust denialism, resurgent antisemitism, and renewed debates about how the Holocaust is taught in schools, we must prioritize these learning opportunities.
Solving for what was lost during the COVID years sometimes feels impossible.
Like people, words have histories. I learned them.
Stories about my mom’s adolescence in Lebanon provided just the perspective I needed.
Six high school students from New York City and Newark will share their stories in Chalkbeat.
Black trauma doesn’t have to be channeled into some inspiring lesson.
Hershey the guinea pig struggled with change. So did I.
Quick police response is crucial but can leave scars.
My first paycheck inspired me to learn more about money management.
Her words have led me to fight for inclusion and representation in and beyond STEM.
I’m Boluwatife, but I called myself Viola until I realized the cost of hiding who I am.
Students are not their behavior, and other lessons from my 12 years caring for foster youth.
Teacher burnout cannot be an excuse to exclude children with challenging behaviors.
Ultimately, it became too hard to avoid the pull of teaching high schoolers, Omar Lisojo writes.
The charter network has long positioned itself as a direct path to college. Now, amid serious allegations involving its founder, Urban Prep’s future remains unclear.
High school seniors need more help navigating college admissions and enrollment.
A storm flooded my family’s Washington Heights home, again.
Como directora, dependo de las familias para ayudarme a tomar decisiones críticas al momento de contratar personal. Aquí les cuento por qué lo hago.
Here’s what I learned about healthy laughter, student engagement, and the power of shutting up.
Those who see the need for more educators of color often don’t understand what prevents teachers like me from entering and staying in the profession.
When I flip through a book, it’s like I’m cradling the essence of the characters. I want my peers to experience that.
As principal, I rely on our families to help me make critical hiring decisions. Here’s why.
I’m here to engage students, parents, and teachers — and to amplify their voices.
Now, I know why my lessons weren’t getting through to them.
I never learned about Stonewall. It’s past time schools take queer history and culture seriously.
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