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Educators don’t want to endorse the state’s culture wars, or get ensnared in them.

Newark schools’ meal programs have been met with mixed reactions in recent years. A new coalition hopes to use a $3.8 million grant to give lunch a healthy update.

Based on two years of observations, “False Starts” looks at how segregation affects everything from how preschoolers play to how they interact with objects at school.

The tentative contract provides extra pay for school psychologists, social workers, and teachers of English as a second language.

District leaders say the scores on Pennsylvania exams are encouraging but that more work needs to be done.

The new athletic facilities would include a field for track, football, and soccer, as well as new basketball courts.

Two of five seats on the Jeffco school board were up for grabs. The outcome reinforces the current board majority.

The election of John Youngquist, Kimberlee Sia, and Marlene De La Rosa is likely to shake up the interpersonal and political dynamics on the board.

Education groups had campaigned for Proposition HH, but voters were far less keen on the complicated property tax measure.

Aging school buildings, lagging teacher pay: ‘The needs are so great,’ says head of Memphis district.

Parker will have the power to reshape the school board and drive the city’s conversation about school safety, infrastructure, charter schools, and more.

Federal education officials have received at least nine complaints involving antisemitism or Islamophobia on college or K-12 campuses since Hamas attacked Israel last month.

DPSCD officials will share final recommendations with the school board by next year.

Aproximadamente un 30% de los programas de cuidado infantil en Colorado para niños de 5 años o menos está en una de las tres calificaciones más altas.

The student was walking home from school when he was shot around 1 p.m Friday. He is the fourth teenager to be shot and killed in the past two weeks in the city.

The complex process can be daunting for the tens of thousands of eighth graders applying to public high schools.

Residents in Hammond will vote next week on continuing a property tax increase to give more money to local schools. For the first time, that includes charter schools.

The board is set to vote on the proposal Nov. 16, after next week’s school board election but before new board members are sworn in.

Grades will be released in December. Revised criteria mark a big change of course under a new leader.