Tennessee’s school-by-school TCAP test scores are out. See how yours did.

Student holds a pencil to a notebook placed on a desk.
Tennessee students took their state standardized tests on paper in 2020-21. The state education department released the final installment of scores on Friday. (Marilyn Nieves / Getty Images)

Nearly six months after Tennessee students sat down for their end-of-year tests, all of the scores are now out. 

State officials released the final results Friday for each of the state’s 1,800-plus public schools. Statewide and district-level data was released in August.

The latest scores offer the first pandemic snapshot of how each school did, based on testing of students from grades 3 through high school.

Statewide, overall student proficiency declined 5 percentage points since 2019, the last time the state administered standardized tests under the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program, also known as TCAP. 

But some schools did well. Earlier this month, the state recognized 188 for being among the top 5% of schools for student academic achievement or growth. It also dropped seven schools from the state’s priority list of lowest-performing schools.

The new scores spotlight how each school fared after two straight years of disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It also sets a new baseline for proficiency as schools seek to catch their students up on any learning lags.

But the scores won’t be used to grade or rate schools. Because of the pandemic, Tennessee is only using the data diagnostically to help students and schools improve.

Use the table below to look up what percentage of your school’s students reached proficiency in reading and math (for grades 3-8) or high school courses like Algebra, Biology, English, Geometry, and U.S. History. You can use quotes (such as “Shelby County”) in the search box to more precisely find rows in the data.

The state education department also released its Tennessee Report Card Friday with 2020-21 achievement results, as well as updated demographic information.

The report card offers a single online site for parents to look up information about their child’s school and district, as well as learn about the state’s overall performance on education.

More information is scheduled to be added to the site later this fall, including data that highlights academic growth — not just proficiency. Also coming will be updates about school-level finances and student enrollment in college and other training programs after high school.

“There has never been a more important time for families to engage in their student’s education,” said Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn. “The online state report card provides essential information to help parents learn about their child’s school, as well as districts and schools across the state.”

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