Assessment and testing

A four-year extension of mayoral control of city schools seems out of the picture for Mayor Eric Adams as he makes his pitch to Albany lawmakers.
Illinois advocates raise concerns about the state’s assessment plan, saying that it will halt learning for students.
The Muslim holy month is 10 days earlier next year and could overlap again with state tests, families worry.
Lawmakers propose waivers on third-grade reading law, teacher evaluation formula
Immigration advocates say that public schools can be “largely inaccessible” for thousands of immigrant students.
With the end of the school year approaching, NYC schools have spent just about half of this year’s COVID relief, according to a comptroller report.
Results of Michigan tests can influence college admissions, teacher evaluations, and whether third graders are promoted.
Asian students like me make up the majority of those enrolled in NYC specialized high schools. Why was nobody asking for our input?
Some researchers say it’s likely. Federal NAEP scores have been stagnant for high schoolers, but that could be due to falling dropout rates.
Mid-year data underscores “the magnitude of the losses” for student learning
The state’s English exams kick off Tuesday for grades 3-8. NYC schools Chancellor David Banks believes that too much test prep has led students to disengage and even drop out.
Supporters say the essay doesn’t measure students’ abilities and that including scores on transcripts could negatively affect admissions considerations at test-optional colleges.
The Indiana Department of Education offered schools the option this year to test second graders on the IREAD-3 in order to identify and help struggling readers earlier.
As Illinois plans to move away from the IAR, a bill banning testing for the youngest students has passed a House education committee on Wednesday.
Grade inflation is one potential explanation. Meanwhile, American students are also taking more advanced classes.
The largest chunk — about $1.9 billion — will be for an expansion of the city’s pre-K program for 3-year-olds over the next several years.
David Banks noted that the process at some of the city’s coveted “screened” schools is a lottery this year, which has resulted in backlash from parents of students with high grades.
A bill that lays out a transition plan to bring back Colorado school and district ratings after a two-year pandemic pause has broad bipartisan consensus.
A Twitter campaign called for The College Board to fire Huston, a top executive, after he voted for an Indiana bill to restrict teaching about race and racism.
If the new school comes to fruition, it would be the second public school in NYC to focus specifically on students with dyslexia. A charter opened with that mission in 2019.
Education is expected to be front and center again — with K-12 funding reform at the top of the list
State education officials are proposing to remove the exam known as the edTPA, and would instead require teacher preparation programs to come up with a replacement.
Speakers oppose the new selective-admissions process that puts qualified applicants into a lottery and uses a machine-scored writing test for the district’s most sought-after schools.
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