Assessment and testing

The latest findings solidify a developing picture of schools struggling to support students who have fallen off track.
Facing a budget shortfall because of enrollment declines, Soundview Academy’s principal made an unusual request to students, staff and families: Would they help market the school?
After Newark school board officials gave a look at drops in state math and reading scores, state science assessment scores for the district also show decline.
The 2022 Illinois report card shows students have lost ground in math and reading due to pandemic disruptions
Philadelphia’s NAEP scores have long been below national averages and remained so in 2022.
NAEP results show a drop in scores not just in Indiana but across the country.
The NAEP math decline represented Colorado students’ lowest scores in nearly two decades on the test known as the nation’s report card.
New Jersey fourth and eighth grade scores dropped on NAEP math and reading tests. The scores offer a comprehensive look at how students in the Garden State are doing after the pandemic.
Grim results come in spite of early pandemic investments in tutoring and summer learning
Chicago officials voice concerns about slipping NAEP results on the “nation’s report card,” but also highlight bright spots.
State test score results show uneven evidence of correlation with learning and in-person instruction.
The results mirrored math trends seen across the country, with historic drops for fourth graders. But reading scores defied the national trend.
Researchers say it will take years to catch up; individualized instruction accelerates gains
The new tutoring grant is available to fourth and fifth graders who qualify for federally subsidized meals and scored below proficiency on state tests.
The changes are supposed to be reflective of a system that pushes for improvements and support for all students, officials said.
The sobering new state test scores show a glimpse into the severity of the pandemic’s toll on student learning and the efforts school leaders must take to recover from it.
The scores are the first measure of how students across the five boroughs have fared in reading and math since the coronavirus pandemic.
New York state officials gave districts the green light to release test results in reading and math — but statewide figures won’t be released until later.
Students who struggled before the pandemic are having the toughest time catching up.
These are Colorado’s first school ratings based on complete test results since 2019.
The 2022-23 school year officially begins Tuesday across the state
Staffers will be moved “to more effectively support schools in coordination with district superintendents,” the department says.
Students who are Black or from low-income families scored much lower than peers on third-grade test
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