Assessment and testing

The city’s notoriously complex high school admissions process can be daunting and stressful for families. See what advice experts offer as applications are set to open next week.
The updated guidance comes just days before the city’s notoriously complex high school admissions process kicks off on Oct. 3.
Students as a whole met goals in math but not in reading. But the district mostly missed goals in both subjects for Black and Latinx students.
School-level data from the 2023 Illinois Assessment for Readiness shows many schools have not returned to pre-pandemic levels of students meeting standards in reading and math.
Schools must replace methods of literacy instruction that use three-cueing within the next year.
State officials have not yet released broader data showing how students across the city or state fared on last year’s exams.
Results are beginning to climb back above pre-pandemic levels.
A particular area of concern is students who were in kindergarten in 2020 when the pandemic hit. Their third-grade reading results were well below pre-pandemic levels.
The issues include the city’s precarious funding situation, enrollment shifts, and what support will look like for migrant students.
¿Te preguntas cómo les fue a tu escuela y distrito en el examen de CMAS 2023? Usa nuestra gráfica para hacer una búsqueda, ver y comparar.
Colorado released scores from standardized tests given to public school students this spring.
But 2023 CMAS results also show worrying signs that many students are still struggling, and that recovery is uneven. Here’s everything you need to know.
Schools where third graders improved on the state reading test highlighted strategies like summer learning, literacy coaches, and tutoring.
The results match scores from a separate state test, the ILEARN, that also showed student performance has stagnated in reading.
Indiana Learns, the state tutoring program that launched last fall, will now be open to students in grades 3-8 who meet certain requirements.
A parent council passed a resolution calling for seventh grade state test scores to be used once again in admissions among other changes, despite some public protest.
Memphis students return to classes for a new school year that could turn out to be pivotal.
The findings suggest that schools can benefit from more empowered principals, who are “closer to the ground” and may have a better sense than district leaders of what their students need.
The district’s preliminary scores on the Illinois Assessment of Readiness show improvement after COVID-era dips.
By 2026, all NYC students in grades 3-8 will take their state exams via computer. Here’s what that means and how some teachers feel about it.
Schools will need to determine which students receive additional academic support without the standardized test scores, under a newly amended state regulation.
Improvement in math tracks statewide trend, but proficiency rates lag behind pre-pandemic levels.
Results offer localized snapshot of how school systems are doing with pandemic recovery.
Use this table to see how Indiana students in grades 3-8 did on 2023 ILEARN test scores for math, English and the subjects combined.
ILEARN test scores show Indiana reading proficiency rates have dropped back to 2021 levels after gains in 2022.
It’s a concerning indication that the steep learning losses seen since the pandemic have proven difficult to ameliorate and could have lasting consequences.
The results suggest that Tennessee’s early investments in summer learning camps and intensive tutoring are paying off.
The public health crisis paused state testing, impacting how the state typically evaluates schools.
About 500 students initially flagged for possible retention did well enough to move directly to 4th grade.
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