Amelia Pak-Harvey

Amelia Pak-Harvey

Reporter, Chalkbeat Indiana

Amelia Pak-Harvey is a Reporter for Chalkbeat Indiana. She previously worked as a city reporter for the Indianapolis Star, an education reporter for the Las Vegas Review-Journal and an education reporter for the Lowell Sun in Lowell, Massachusetts. She graduated from Boston University and is originally from North Carolina.

The district is encouraging families to ‘Choose Your IPS’ in a bid to keep and attract more students.

On Friday, a judge agreed to put the sale on hold, at least temporarily, following an objection from Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita.

Attorney General Todd Rokita also wants to prevent the impending sale of Francis Bellamy School 102.

IPS teachers will receive raises based on their evaluations, years of service, and subject area.

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita and other state leaders sought to block the proposed deals.

At Circle City Prep’s new cafeteria, fresh produce replaces reheated pizzas, and an on-site chef prepares meals daily.

The district wants to alleviate waitlists and accommodate all pre-K-5 students who need care.

The tentative contract provides extra pay for school psychologists, social workers, and teachers of English as a second language.

The new athletic facilities would include a field for track, football, and soccer, as well as new basketball courts.