Amy Zimmer


Parent-teacher conferences remain virtual in NYC. Some love it, some hate it. Overall, fewer are joining.

The complex process can be daunting for the tens of thousands of eighth graders applying to public high schools.

In middle school, Elías Cruz joined a track team started by his English teacher. Now he’s a middle school English teacher who started a track team.

NYC education officials gave schools little guidance during last week’s flooding. This week, a chance of a quarter to an inch of rain prompted a detailed memo.

An education department spokesperson said the agency communicated through a press conference and social media. But no one communicated directly to principals.

The downpour affected service on every subway line, delayed dozens of school buses, and prompted both NYC Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul to issue a state of emergency. 

NYC schools no longer will report COVID cases, but students and staff still need to isolate for five days.