Ann Schimke

Ann Schimke

Senior Reporter and Community Editor, Chalkbeat Colorado

Ann Schimke covers early childhood issues for Chalkbeat Colorado. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and the Denver Post. She holds a master’s degree in education policy from the University of Michigan. She joined Chalkbeat (then EdNews Colorado) in 2012. Email:

La funcionaria principal de la primera infancia en Colorado tomará la decisión final sobre el tamaño de las clases para el 28 de marzo.

Advocates for students with disabilities say sending kids home early is a common practice, but often happens informally with no documentation.

The state’s top early childhood official will make a final decision on class size limits by March 28.

Parents whose 3-year-olds have special education plans will still have to fill out the state application.

En segundo grado, Carlota Loya Hernández pasaba mucho tiempo coloreando porque no entendía a la maestra y la maestra no la entendía a ella.

Sen. Lisa Cutter, a co-sponsor of the bill, said she plans to amend the bill so it’s less prescriptive.

'I haven’t heard anything specific about a special assessment, screener, or anything regarding dyslexia,' said a second grade teacher in Denver.

As a second-grader, Carlota Loya Hernández spent a lot of time coloring because she couldn’t understand the teacher, and the teacher couldn’t understand her.

El programa de preescolar gratis de Colorado, que empezó en agosto, está abierto a todos los niños de 4 años y a algunos de 3 años.