Erica Meltzer

Erica Meltzer

National Editor

Erica Meltzer is National Editor at Chalkbeat, where she also covers the legislature and statewide education issues. Erica was a founding editor of the local news site Denverite. Before that, she covered everything from housing and energy policy to crime and courts for newspapers in three states. She served in the Peace Corps in Paraguay. Reach her at:

American schools are far more integrated than they were before Brown v. Board. But 70 years after the decision, segregation is increasing in the large districts that serve many Black students.

Supporters of Biden’s regulations say they will protect vulnerable students. Critics say they’re an attack on fairness and privacy.

El índice de solicitudes completas de FAFSA ha disminuido y las ofertas de ayuda financiera están en un limbo. Los orientadores universitarios quieren que las familias sepan que no están solas.

Completing the FAFSA is supposed to open doors to higher education. But error messages and delays could close off opportunities, counselors fear.

The decision written by Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett focuses on whether government officials use accounts to act in their official capacity.

Nearly two-thirds of American teenagers use TikTok regularly. We want to hear students’ opinions about efforts to ban TikTok.

Gov. Ron DeSantis and LGBTQ groups have both claimed that the settlement is a win.

The president’s pitch to continue some pandemic-era programs and increase financial aid faces a hostile Congress.

The Los Angeles school district continues to give students free musical instruments. ‘The Last Repair Shop’ tells the stories of the repair technicians who keep those instruments in order.

The College Board is launching a new digital SAT amid an evolving landscape for college admissions.