Zipporah Osei

Mott Hall Bridges Academy, a middle school in Brownsville, has been acknowledged for its commitment to counseling students, who are no strangers to deaths of loved ones.
Two pediatricians who have worked with children exposed to lead spoke with Chalkbeat about the dangers of lead and offered tips on what parents can do.
A new report from the speaker’s office outlines policy proposals to combat food insecurity in the city by expanding nutrition programs in schools and other agencies.
Libraries become especially crucial in the summertime for families who want to keep their children engaged, but lack the resources for traditional camps.
The city’s free summer meals program is designed to combat child hunger when school is out of session, but limited outreach is causing meals to go unclaimed.
Debates that have dogged the system — about integration, the prestigious specialized high schools, and pay parity for pre-K teachers — remain unresolved.
New York City’s schools have had an eventful year. As we reflect on this school year and start to prepare for the next, Chalkbeat would love to hear from our readers.
Chancellor Carranza praises Mott Hall’s majority-Hispanic graduating class and says he is dedicated to serving students, even if it means some adults are “uncomfortable.”
Lisa Mars, who oversaw LaGuardia for six years, will be taking a new position under Chief Academic Officer Linda Chen.
NYC students welcome new agreement between the city education and police departments, rolling back zero-tolerance discipline policies in schools.
The mayor and chancellor held a private meeting about SHSAT with several Asian community leaders just days before a final budget is expected. Protesters say it was a bad
As lawmakers negotiate the budget for the upcoming year, these advocates gathered to call on the mayor to allocate more funding to reduce class size.