Campaigns and elections

The Democratic state attorney general says the General Assembly is violating the state constitution.
Crystal Williams shares why she decided to run for office and what she hopes to accomplish.
Indiana voters approved seven local property tax increases to send more money to schools, but voted down increases for school construction..
A political newcomer, Andrea Hunley defeated four other Democrats and now goes on to face Republican Evan Shearin in the November general election.
Besides leading Center for Inquiry School 2, IPS principal Andrea Hunley is running for State Senate district 46 in the May 3 primary.
Group backing 3 Newark school board candidates who are also supported by city politicians reaps vast majority of political contributions.
Seven candidates are vying for three spots in an election also featuring the district’s tax levy.
With Billy Orgel’s late decision not to seek reelection, Amber Huett-Garcia is the only candidate running for District 8.
The proposed spending plan is supported largely by a potential $1.04 billion in state aid.
The appointment to fill the remainder of the term will be a short one as voters will get to select a new school board member during the Aug. 4 general election.
Education advocates hope to secure as much as $1.1 billion in new Colorado school funding by asking voters to forego a portion of tax refunds under TABOR.
When asked if other runs for office are in her future, Avant replied, “Whatever God leads me to do to continue to serve people, I will do.”
Campaign contributions and spending by independent committees in 2021 school board races approached $5 million.
An Indiana House bill would require school board candidates to add their political party affiliation to the ballot, or identify as independent.
A new state law allows local political parties to put forth school board candidates with Democrat or Republican labels
Education is likely to be a potent issue in next year’s midterm elections, and pandemic-era school disruptions could have a real, if modest effect.
Outside groups supportive of reform spent more than $1 million in support of a slate of candidates who lost to candidates backed by the teachers union.
School board races are technically nonpartisan, but it didn’t always feel that way this year.
If the current top candidates hang on to their leads, the board would be unanimously union-backed for the first time in recent history.
Aurora school board candidate top fundraiser, Anne Keke, plus all union-backed candidates have a lead in late Tuesday night returns.
Gov. Phil Murphy’s Republican opponent hammered him on taxes and COVID restrictions — but he also used divisive education issues to energize some voters.
Colorado voters approved just over half of the 30 local school district tax measures on the ballot Tuesday, according to preliminary results.
The winning slate includes Danielle Varda, Paula Reed, and Mary Parker.
Colorado voters rejected Proposition 119, which would have raised marijuana taxes to fund out-of-school learning.
Adams will take over as the city’s education department is still assessing the damage done by three disrupted school years.
Will members backed by the teachers union retain control and keep the district on its current path? Or will candidates backed by reform groups win some seats?
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