Campaigns and elections

The mayor appoints school board members and with the city council decides Philadelphia’s contribution to the district budget.
After collecting dozens of questions from readers, Chalkbeat Chicago sent 10 to the candidates running for mayor. Here’s a look at where they stand on the top issues facing Chicago Public Schools.
The Board of Ethics has previously warned elected officials and campaigns to scrub their listserv of any government emails.
Gym has a long history of focusing on education as an activist and former City Council member.
Mayoral hopeful sees herself as a leader who can get district, city, and county to work together
Outspoken teacher Nicole Conaway, fired over work-from-home dispute, will be assigned to a high school when she returns to the district
The move may violate city and district ethics rules surrounding political activity and official business.
The candidates have varying connections to the city’s schools and young people. Chalkbeat Chicago is summing up what they’ve done and is asking readers what questions we should ask them.
The board’s seven members have received support from groups associated with education reform principles like school choice.
The proposal doesn’t have a clear political path after Democrats won full control of the state legislature in November
Advocates say they will push for solutions to issues that have become more pressing during the pandemic, including funding, hiring challenges, and student mental health.
Twenty-three schools would receive from $1.8 million to $61 million for building improvements if voters pass a $410 million capital referendum. See the full list.
A member of the council since 2015, Gym has taken vocal stands on everything from school staffing to student mental health.
Expect no flurry of education bills as the GOP majority’s time runs out
The State Board of Education is growing from seven seats to nine seats. Find election results here.
Tuesday’s winners all aimed to continue the district’s ongoing reform efforts to address poor academic achievement and chronic absenteeism.
Before heading to Congress in 2019, U.S. Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia forced former Mayor Rahm Emanuel into a runoff in 2015 with the backing of the Chicago Teachers Union.
Voters approved about two-thirds of school district ballot measures in Colorado on Tuesday. The 27J school district scored a notable win with its mill levy override
The sweep in Tuesday’s election means Democrats will maintain a strong majority on the board
This election season saw several newcomer candidates challenge incumbents who had supported Indiana’s curriculum restrictions bill.
The four districts where the referendums failed have warned of various cuts if voters rejected them.
Advocates believe most school districts would participate and provide free school meals to all students.
See election results from HSE, Carmel, Noblesville and Westfield.
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