Vulnerable populations

Schools are supposed to give parents of students in temporary housing free MetroCards each month. But problems with distributing them are leading to absences and fare evasion tickets.

Young adults at Rikers are entitled to attend the Education Department’s East River Academy and work towards a high school diploma or GED.

The staffers play a critical role on the front lines of two colliding crises: the exploding number of students living in homeless shelters, and elevated rates of chronic absenteeism in the wake of the pandemic.

Federal law that protects the educational rights of homeless children and youth under 21 says young adults should be enrolled in school immediately, but the city is not meeting this requirement, advocates say.

La ley federal protege los derechos a la educación de los niños y jóvenes menores de 21 años sin hogar y establece que los jóvenes adultos deben ser matriculados inmediatamente en la escuela, pero la ciudad no está cumpliendo este requisito, dicen los defensores.

Nearly 500 teens and young adults turned away in the second half of 2023, up from seven in the first half, according to data obtained by THE CITY.

Nearly 70% of funding for Learning to Work, a program that offers counselors and paid internships, is set to expire in June.

James Madison reopened on Thursday after migrants spent a few hours sleeping at the school while waiting out Tuesday night's wind storm.

A Brooklyn high school is going remote Wednesday as its campus welcomes migrant families from Floyd Bennett Field.

Thousands of migrant families with school-aged children in city shelters will reach the end of their 60-day time limit starting Tuesday. What happens next is unclear.

Some Newcomers High School students fear their school’s name puts a “target” on them, as New York City grapples with tensions surrounding the ongoing influx of migrants.

Mayor Eric Adams has argued that the limits are necessary to relieve severe overcrowding in the city’s shelter amid an unprecedented and ongoing influx of migrants.

The city’s population of homeless students was astronomical even before the recent influx, exceeding 100,000 for each of the past eight years.

Despite a modest improvement, chronic absenteeism rates are still significantly higher than before the pandemic.

“You’re gonna have to take it from Peter to give it to Paul,” Rosa said of New York’s class size law.