Event: Philadelphia’s gun violence epidemic and mental health

Join Chalkbeat Philadelphia on April 20, 5-6 p.m. ET for the third event in our series on COVID and mental health.

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Join Chalkbeat Philadelphia and Resolve Philly for a panel discussion with students and teachers. We want to hear how schools can better support students experiencing community trauma. (Illustration by Lauren Bryant / Chalkbeat)

Philadelphia is experiencing historic levels of gun violence — and the city’s students are among those directly impacted by this community trauma. This reality is taking a toll on schools, which are already reeling from the disruption of the pandemic and now struggling to meet the mental health needs of students who have been shot, involved in a shooting, or fear for their own safety.

A Chalkbeat series chronicling Philadelphia’s schools most affected by gun violence revealed desperation from school leaders for more group counseling sessions and support staff to assist student needs, echoing nationwide concerns about student mental health. 

As Philadelphia officials outline steps to stem violence in and around schools, we want to hear directly from students, educators, and school leaders on how schools can better support students experiencing community trauma. How can schools best spend precious resources? What do students feel has made a difference in their own lives? What resources can help equip educators? 

Join Chalkbeat Philadelphia and Resolve Philly for a panel discussion with students and teachers. Please RSVP for this event so we’re able to provide the webinar information and can hear your ideas for questions. This event is free to attend, but any optional donations will go to support Chalkbeat’s nonprofit journalism and events like these. 

Special thanks to our sponsor, ​​Penn GSE Office of School & Community Engagement. 

This event is the third in a four-part national Chalkbeat series titled COVID and Mental Health, which seeks to amplify efforts to better support the wellness of students and school staff during this challenging comeback year. This event is also part of The Toll: The Roots and Costs of Gun Violence in Philadelphia, a solutions-focused series from the collaborative reporting project Broke in Philly.

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