COVID & Mental Health

Peer-to-peer support models have gained traction at schools both locally and nationwide.

“How fair is it to identify a concern but then not have the resources to address the concern?” one social worker asked the school board.

Nearly 11,000 Colorado children and teens have used I Matter since its inception.

Gov. Kathy Hochul outlined her priorities for the coming year during her State of the State address on Tuesday.

The share of city students who reported suicidal ideation jumped to nearly 16% from about 12% over the past decade.

State funding helped expand the rolls of social workers, counselors, nurses, and psychologists serving students.

Amid efforts to tackle challenges students face, one administrator says her message remains: ‘You’ve got to come to school.’

Nearly half the states fund school-based health centers. Yet keeping them open is a constant challenge, and some want Congress to do more.

Cada vez más niños están en duelo por la pérdida de uno de sus padres, pero pocos programas de apoyo existen.

The education department’s spending per pupil has increased by 46%, in large part due to the billions in federal COVID aid the district received as enrollment has dipped.

The number of children under 18 who killed someone with a firearm jumped from 836 in 2019 to 1,150 in 2020.

The growing crisis has been clear for years to Tina Puccio, who runs the member assistance program at the United Federation of Teachers, which provides short-term counseling to educators.

Cherry Creek schools is funding a pilot program with nonprofit Judi’s House to create the curriculum.