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Mental Health in Schools

The “Dignity in Schools” called for the city to put millions toward restorative justice and mental health programs, while diverting money away from school policing.

At Chalkbeat New York, we’re hoping to dive deeper on how schools are handling cell phones. We want to learn more about the policies schools are adopting.

Advocates celebrated Wednesday’s news, but warned it does nothing to reverse the massive cuts already coming from previous reductions, along with expiring federal aid.

Calling social media a ‘24/7 digital dystopia,’ Adams joins hundreds of districts and cities across the country seeking compensation and changes.

“How fair is it to identify a concern but then not have the resources to address the concern?” one social worker asked the school board.

Nearly 11,000 Colorado children and teens have used I Matter since its inception.

An analysis from the University of Chicago Crime Lab found 1 in 5 of more than 2,000 youth contacted participated.

With another battle expected over vouchers, see what legislative leaders and advocates are saying.

A few minutes after texting “Denver” to 741741, teens can be connected to a trained volunteer.

Supporters hope to use the attendance records to direct students to resources that can help them.

Denver Public Schools is spending federal COVID money on a curriculum of mental health activities to help reduce students’ anxiety.

The statistics illustrating the depth of the youth mental health crisis are sobering. We want to hear from you to better understand it.

Members of the board said they felt the resolution needed more research and input from officials.

Over the years, David Snowden has paid for tutors, therapy dogs, digital equipment, and more

Some of the students have endured dangerous journeys to the United States, on top of the disruption of leaving their homes behind.

State funding helped expand the rolls of social workers, counselors, nurses, and psychologists serving students.

Last school year, 199 Philadelphia students were victims of gun violence, and 33 died.

The federal grant, known as Project AWARE, will support Newark in promoting healthy social and emotional learning environments and prevent violence in schools.