Gun Violence and Schools

Last school year, 199 Philadelphia students were victims of gun violence, and 33 died.
Dennis claims DPS fired him in retaliation for speaking to the media about safety concerns and then publicly disparaged him.
Philadelphia’s school safety chief said getting more students into out-of-school activities can also help keep them out of trouble.
A new study lays bare the realities of gun violence in Chicago.
The number of schools with elementary-age children that have play equipment has risen in recent years, the district said.
A coalition of media organizations including Chalkbeat sued Denver Public Schools to release the recording.
The recording is the subject of an ongoing lawsuit filed by a coalition of media organizations, including Chalkbeat.
As board members introduced themselves, some noted how they’ve shifted from being vocal critics of the system to positions of power.
Me alegra que los agentes de seguridad armados regresen a la escuela, Andy Bucher escribe.
The principals union has filed a grievance, while current and former DPS employees say the firing of McAuliffe principal Kurt Dennis sends a bad message about dissent.
It was a painful semester at Denver’s East High School. I’m glad SROs are back on campus.
Lee lo que Greg Cazzell dijo sobre la policía en las escuelas, los perros detectores de drogas y mucho más.
“This is the world that we live in,” one Brooklyn student said. “This is reality. So what can we do now to help?”
In a shift from current practice, armed DPS safety patrol officers will help with weapons searches under Marrero’s plan released Friday.
‘We definitely have noticed that a silencing is happening in our schools,’ said one student.
Superintendent Alex Marrero will create a memorandum of understanding with Denver police governing the presence and role of school resource officers.
What is Denver schools’ new safety chief’s opinion on SROs? What approaches would he use to keep weapons out of schools? Read his answers to those questions and more.
The board is weighing whether to bring school resource officers back to Denver school on a long-term basis.
Superintendent Alex Marrero had asked the board to make a decision before he finalizes a new school safety plan.
Greg Cazzell has worked 8 years as Aurora Public Schools security chief and 22 years on the Glendale police force.
One proposal calls for training community resource officers who would respond only to emergencies and threats. Another would give Superintendent Alex Marrero discretion to station police inside schools.
Superintendent Alex Marrero previously suggested schools should decide on SROs. Now he wants the school board to set policy.
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