School Enrollment

DPSCD student enrollment and the city’s overall population have been on a steady decline in recent decades.
The decision to start the new school year with steady budgets, however, doesn’t mean schools are completely immune from cuts.
Officials struggle to reassure the public that planned staff reductions will help stabilize the district’s finances.
For future school years, education department officials are bracing for some big expenses to comply with the law.
The Jeffco district expects to make recommendations for middle school and K-8 closures in August.
Middle school recommendations are expected in August, and will also consider schools at the end of the accountability clock.
As the city expects another wave of newcomer immigrant families, educators are worried it will become even more challenging to support English learners.
The latest enrollment figures hold major implications for school funding across the five boroughs.
In total, New York City schools will receive about 4% more in funding than last year.
Transfer schools, which serve students who are at risk of dropping out, are in a precarious position. 70% of them now enroll fewer than 200 students.
Opponents — and even some of their endorsed candidates — say one well-organized parent group is turning Community Education Councils into forums for right-wing animosity over issues like critical race theory and the treatment of LGBTQ+ youth.
Gov. Kathy Hochul’s push for more charter schools in New York City emerged as one of the last items holding up the overdue state budget — and her keen interest puzzled many following the issue.
Two-thirds of that cut, or about $650 million, is the result of Adams’ decision to reduce the city’s contribution to the education department.
Lawmakers could solidify a final budget as early as this week, but charter schools have been a sticking point.
“When it comes to these small, close-knit communities that are so tight, it really does feel like you’re breaking up families,” one local education council member said.
The education department’s spending per pupil has increased by 46%, in large part due to the billions in federal COVID aid the district received as enrollment has dipped.
Capping enrollment at popular elementary schools could bolster enrollment at smaller schools that have been losing students.
Detailed family income data has the potential to shape how schools are evaluated, staffed, and even funded.
Some Shelby County commissioners are pushing for more accountability in developing and funding projects.
Critics of the district’s lottery system had said it would lead to enrollment declines and staff cuts at certain high schools.
The 3-year-old charter school cited low enrollment and high costs as the reasons for the closure in a resolution passed by its board of directors.
Las escuelas Fairview Elementary, Math and Science Leadership Academy y Denver Discovery School cerrarán al final de este año escolar por tener una inscripción sumamente baja.
Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson disagree about how to give under-enrolled campuses a boost
“There just becomes this hopelessness,” one clinician said. “They’re not incentivized to keep going to school, because it’s just too hard, and in fact they may never catch up.”
‘These are really tough decisions and none of us are taking them lightly,’ said board member Carrie Olson, who experienced a school closure when she was a teacher.
The study comes after Mayor Eric Adams decided earlier this year to pause the expansion of the preschool program for 3-year-olds as planned under former Mayor Bill de Blasio.
A return to pre-pandemic funding policy led some providers to shutter newly opened GSRP classrooms, complicating Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s plans.
“Clear communication with answers at meetings is going to be vital and imperative,” board member Carrie Olson said.
Harbor Heights Middle School, which had just over 100 students before the pandemic, dropped to an enrollment of around 60 students this year.
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