Teacher evaluations

The Assembly Education Committee cleared a raft of bills that address teacher recruitment and retention.

IPS teachers will receive raises based on their evaluations, years of service, and subject area.

Districts would have more power, and test scores would not be a factor.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer described the bills signed Wednesday as an effort to help recruit and retain teachers.

Teachers union leaders say that the provision, which applies to recent hires in the Detroit Public Schools Community District, is a ‘deterrent’ for current and prospective employees.

Colorado’s teacher evaluation system hasn’t changed in more than a decade. A new law will give less weight to test scores and more training to evaluators.

As schools still reel from the pandemic, competing bills would change the role of test scores in teacher evaluation.

Education is expected to be front and center again — with K-12 funding reform at the top of the list

The findings, released Monday and mirroring national research, raise important questions about the reliability and fairness of the state’s teacher evaluation system.

State education officials are proposing to remove the exam known as the edTPA, and would instead require teacher preparation programs to come up with a replacement.

Gov. Bill Lee on Thursday proposed new summer school and tutoring programs to catch students up from learning disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. He promised a pay hike for teachers, but did not specify an amount.

High school seniors will not need to pass any tests in order to graduate this year, and teacher ratings will not factor in students’ academic growth.

In Newark and other districts that are attaching high stakes to standardized tests even while students learn remotely, teachers are raising new concerns.

Gov. Bill Lee is reportedly mulling whether to call a special legislative session on education as he looks to tackle a growing list of challenges facing Tennessee students whose learning has been disrupted by the pandemic for a second straight school year. Meanwhile, House Speaker Cameron Sexton wants to incentivize school leaders in Memphis to reopen classrooms.

Newark principals will observe teachers’ online lessons and rate them using a new scoring guide developed for remote learning this year

Teachers are under so much stress doing their jobs during a pandemic that they shouldn’t also have to worry about being evaluated as required by Tennessee law, several legislators said on Wednesday.

The evaluations, which include classroom observations and student performance data, can influence tenure decisions and trigger firings.