Former librarian will lead panel that could decide which titles students statewide can access.

The revised policy also requires more tutoring for struggling readers who advance to fifth grade.

Lawmakers send bill to the governor, who signaled that he'll sign it

Senate and House still at odds over how to revise a 2021 reading and retention law

The proposal would widen criteria for determining which students could be held back — and give parents a say.

In a rare action, the state Board of Education passed a resolution questioning whether the 2021 law targets the right age group.

The Tennessee State Board of Education approved the calculation during a meeting Friday, but some members said lawmakers should take another look at the law for struggling readers.

The 2021 law that vexed third grade families last year offers fewer promotion pathways this year

With another battle expected over vouchers, see what legislative leaders and advocates are saying.

Prize-winning authors spoke to Whitehaven H.S. students but had to hold back on discussing themes of systemic racism.

About 500 students initially flagged for possible retention did well enough to move directly to 4th grade.

But up to 60% of third graders could be at risk of being held back as a stricter reading law kicks in.

The definition was the most pressing question lingering as thousands of students head to summer school

Testing do-overs, appeals, summer learning camps come next for struggling readers who want to avoid retention

The measure would widen reading test criteria for retention but keep the state in control of those decisions.

House Education Committee Chairman Mark White wants the state to consider more than TCAP test results

Holding back third graders who aren’t deemed proficient remains a sticking point

Teachers’ personal libraries were not the law’s intent, says lawmaker

Summer camps and tutoring are popular, but holding students back because of a test score is not