What’s the best way to communicate with my students’ families?

Use resources like ELL teachers or students to communicate with non-English speaking families. Use district-approved technology to connect with students and parents.

A mother picking up her child from school and talking to the teacher. A yellow speech bubble floating next to the mother, a purple speech bubble next to the teacher.
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Mayor Eric Adams has argued that the limits are necessary to relieve severe overcrowding in the city’s shelter amid an unprecedented and ongoing influx of migrants.

Teacher Kali Burks shared stories from her first year teaching eighth grade.

Los niños sin hogar tienen ciertos derechos destinados a mantener la estabilidad para ellos en la escuela, incluida la capacidad de permanecer en la escuela a la que han estado asistiendo.

The district is still working to shorten bus rides for more than 100 students with disabilities to comply with state law.

Lee’s plan seeks to eliminate income requirements and change who could benefit.

With initiatives targeted at specific schools, neighborhoods, or family needs, they’re chipping away at a problem that has long undermined efforts to improve student achievement.