Charters & Choice

Chris Gibbons’ departure comes as Denver charter schools are challenged by declining enrollment and shifting political winds. He acknowledged that dynamic in a letter to families.
Both Banks and Adams have signaled greater support for charter schools, but Banks’ addition to the charter school center board is not all that unusual.
Transportation is often a barrier for low-income students who want to use school choice. The State Board of Education may step in because Adams 14 is “in a crisis,” members said.
Polis is one of few elected Democrats to speak out against the changes, which could make it harder for charters to get startup grants.
The goal is more funding for students with costlier needs, but will it be enough?
New America School teachers had hoped to form Colorado’s first charter school union, but the charter board voted down the effort.
“What we’re talking about today is the educational equivalent of long COVID,” Bloomberg said. “The good news is we know how to treat it.”
Aurora principals are designing a magnet arts school with a focus on equity to open fall 2022.
The state’s voucher program for students with disabilities could double in size.
A Colorado bill would give charter schools more opportunity to teach students with disabilities. But are charters ready for the responsibility?
The site has information about 185 Newark schools, including traditional, charter, and private.
Principals who responded generally oppose the proposal, which would shore up teacher job protections, standardize school calendars, and even ban busywork.
A House panel voted 5-4 to defeat a bill that critics said aimed to correct a voucher law overturned by judges.
The governor’s plan to bring dozens of Hillsdale charter schools to Tennessee and the mounting resistance to the partnership are the latest battle in the classroom culture wars.
What went wrong? Advocates question why Kindezi decided to shut down on short notice, and whether IPS should have done more to avoid the school closure.
The concept faces a long legal road and opposition from major charter school groups.
The plan would include $6.6 billion for per-pupil funding for all public school students and $1.8 billion for students needing extra support.
Two new reports point to the potential promise of Colorado charter schools and changes that still need to happen for them to function like truly public schools.
Instead of finding a new charter operator or running the school itself, IPS will recommend closing Joyce Kilmer School 69 on the eastside.
Hillsdale College is replicating charter schools that align with Gov. Bill Lee’s conservative ideology
Critics say it would siphon money from public schools and violate the state constitution.
Las escuelas chárter de Colorado ya no podrán preguntar en sus solicitudes si los alumnos necesitan servicios de educación especial.
IPS wants to bring in Liberty Grove Schools to run School 42 after IPS did not renew a contract with its current operator, Ignite Achievement Academy.
The proposal would target districts that don’t offer 180 days of annual in-person instruction beginning Sept. 1, 2022
In a 6-1 vote, the union-backed Denver school board renewed the district’s contracts with 16 charter schools.
The elementary school struggled with staffing and academic challenges that its leaders say were exacerbated by the pandemic.
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