Charters & Choice

Tess Stovall’s recommendations will be a key factor in whether the state votes to overrule locally elected school boards.
It’s the second charter school to close in the middle of the school year in less than one year.
Charter school funding, enrollment and performance explained.
The Indiana attorney general argues that the exemption to the state’s so-called $1 law only applies to districts that share funds from ballot questions passed after May 10, 2023.
Families use the application for entry to a variety of schools, including selective test-in schools and neighborhood schools outside of their attendance boundaries.
Her book discusses the racial history of school vouchers, the more progressive arguments for school choice, the rise of charter schools, and choice advocates’ recent focus on culture war issues.
The opening of the three schools means charters’ footprint in the city will continue to grow.
The complaint comes from the same group that filed a legal grievance against IPS last year over Indiana’s ‘$1 law.’
IPS says its decision to share revenue from a 2018 ballot measure exempts it from Indiana’s so-called $1 law, but charter school supporters disagree.
The district’s $269,600 deal with Caissa highlights the increased competition Indianapolis Public Schools is confronting from local charter schools and vouchers.
The idea has divided the charter movement and will likely face a lengthy legal battle that could reach the U.S. Supreme Court.
The district will give preference to nonprofits or government agencies before selling to other buyers.
‘Tennessee has always been a bellwether state’ for education reform, says Lizzette Gonzalez Reynolds
DSST: Byers Middle and High schools will now be called DSST: Cedar. This is the second time DSST has changed a school name.
Nine charter applicants this year included four new schools, plus five schools in the Achievement School District. The MSCS school board approved two of them, despite the district’s recommendations.
The research suggests that charter schools have a test-score edge over district schools. However, the magnitude of this advantage is small.
A combined Rocky Mountain Prep charter school network will serve nearly 5,000 students. The transition has been marked by upheaval and leadership questions.
This leaves big legal questions about religious charter schools and constitutional protections unanswered. But the issues could end up back at the Supreme Court.
Charter School Institute approval came while the Adams 14 district is still challenging the state’s removal of its exclusive chartering authority.
The previous version of the so-called “$1 law” frequently failed to help charters buy or lease vacant or unused district buildings.
The vote could spark a legal battle over religious charters that might reach the U.S. Supreme Court. It could also lead to a moment of reckoning for the charter movement.
Do vouchers raise test scores or lower them? Do they damage public schools or push them to improve? Here’s your cheat sheet to the big questions about school vouchers.
5280 Freedom School’s founder said the inability to open will hurt Black students who are not served well in district schools.
School districts in four counties will have to share increases in property tax revenues with charters, among other changes to Indiana’s education funding laws this year.
University Prep charter schools wins argument that the school district has unfairly treated charter schools and disregarded State Board orders.
Multiple Republican-led states have created or expanded private school choice this year.
“Beacon Zone students and families ... will face a degraded school experience next year without the support of the Beacon Zone.”
In total, New York City schools will receive about 4% more in funding than last year.
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