Charters & Choice

In an interview with Chalkbeat, Antonio Burt reflects on his tenure so far and his vision for this year and beyond
After being turned down by the Denver school board, the 5280 Freedom School appealed to the State Board of Education and won.
College president’s mockery of teacher training won’t necessarily dash hopes to bring charters to the state
Student enrollment has big implications for public schools, and declines can lead to less funding and school closures or mergers.
Supporters of the new rules say they will limit the influence of for-profit charter school management companies.
Local governments in Nashville and Memphis failed to show that an injunction was warranted, the judges ruled
Here’s where incumbent Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Republican challenger Tudor Dixon stand on key education issues.
The merger of Rocky Mountain Prep and STRIVE Prep will create one system serving more than 5,000 students from preschool through 12th grade.
Cities have seen a sharp decline in younger children since the pandemic hit.
Some families are scrambling to pay unexpected costs, and worry about where their children will go to school next year, after the state closed University Heights Charter School.
Lee meets with private school leaders, while his education chief acknowledges the timeline is ‘challenging’
Lee says comments were taken out of context, but teacher groups say governor should have repudiated insults
The state is proposing to fund two applicants’ plans to pay for transportation to some Adams students.
Officials plan renovations and an addition to better accommodate special education and music programs
Pero al entrar al año 2021-22, las escuelas católicas vieron su primer aumento en dos décadas.
Amid budget and enrollment challenges, Indianapolis Public Schools officials have a five-point plan for major changes.
But the decision won’t turn on a money spigot for religious private schools.
The new data suggests that the charter sector was experiencing growing pains even before controversial rules proposed by the Biden administration.
The court order marks another win for Gov. Bill Lee, but more legal challenges loom
The charter schools proposed to replicate the STEM School in Highlands Ranch, provide an education that centers Black students, and offer an arts option for elementary students.
“It’s important to make sure that the stewardship of the program — particularly with respect to accountability and fiscal responsibility — is there,” said Assistant Education Secretary Roberto Rodríguez.
The state began sending New York families $375 per child for food benefits, a retroactive move to cover meal costs from last summer.
With more legal challenges pending, ‘there can’t be any steps going forward,’ Gov. Lee concedes
Circulators said that the issue would go to a vote, even though it will likely be approved by the legislature without ever appearing on a ballot.
Chris Gibbons’ departure comes as Denver charter schools are challenged by declining enrollment and shifting political winds. He acknowledged that dynamic in a letter to families.
Both Banks and Adams have signaled greater support for charter schools, but Banks’ addition to the charter school center board is not all that unusual.
Transportation is often a barrier for low-income students who want to use school choice. The State Board of Education may step in because Adams 14 is “in a crisis,” members said.
Polis is one of few elected Democrats to speak out against the changes, which could make it harder for charters to get startup grants.
The goal is more funding for students with costlier needs, but will it be enough?
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