District management

Black and Hispanic students have historically had far less access to sports. The situation has led one school’s dean to file a federal civil rights complaint.

Carolyne Quintana, a deputy chancellor who oversees the department’s signature literacy initiative, is leaving at the end of the school year.

The directive could mark a significant shift in a system where principals have traditionally had wide latitude to manage their own hiring.

The NYC School Bus App, developed in partnership with the rideshare company Via, allows parents to track their kids’ buses in real time.

Next year, the initiative will expand to three more districts: Harlem’s District 5, District 7 in the South Bronx, and District 29 in southern Queens.

Suspension levels remain relatively low, though some advocates worry they may rise under Mayor Eric Adams.

The group’s non-binding report for the Education Department also calls for relocating some pre-K and 3-K students and for certain teachers to be paid more.

Parent-teacher conferences remain virtual in NYC. Some love it, some hate it. Overall, fewer are joining.

City officials ordered schools to shelter in place last Friday, but no one told principals.

City officials say the teaching workforce is still in a strong position for now, and that both hiring and attrition are trending in better directions than last year.

Advocacy group says $1.25 billion in new spending would address major gaps that have left many families frustrated.

The city is disbanding coaches, hired under Mayor de Blasio’s Universal Literacy program, and will rely more on  training from outside organizations.

The changes mean that there will be 178 instructional days for students on the calendar down from the original 182.

The public health crisis paused state testing, impacting how the state typically evaluates schools.

Officials have said little about their plans for Friday, though, when high school students are scheduled to return to their campuses.