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A closer look at the ransomware problem

Most ransoms are not in the millions, but student data is getting stolen

Students know what they need socially, emotionally, and academically — let’s listen

The social and emotional impact of the pandemic is complex and intertwined with academic impacts

Supporting children and families, together

Unlocking everyday moments to help Mississippi families thrive

A culture of caring

How service learning brought a Long Island school district together to create change

The power of contribution: how giving back helps adolescents take off

As the adolescent brain develops, teens experience a growing need to impact the world. Giving them chances to do so may be critical to their positive social and academic development.

Mistakes are magic: cultivating confidence in adolescents

Developmental science suggests adolescents learn best when taught by caring adults who cultivate classrooms based on mutual respect. Here’s one teacher who sets a shining example.

Forget the ‘factory’ model: reimagine schools to support engagement

During the pandemic, school engagement among adolescents dropped to crisis levels. That makes now the perfect time to reinvent the traditional school model — once and for all.

An important factor in instilling confidence for the return to in-person learning

How can young people find meaning?

Teaching democracy as it happens

New-York Historical Society’s digital programming for civics and history education

In this unorthodox classroom, young entrepreneurs see no limits

With the right guidance, students who participate in T-Mobile’s Changemaker Challenge are poised to change the world — and themselves

How Prepared Was the U.S. for Online Learning?

A recent study compared 30 different countries’ digital education systems in the midst of a global pandemic.

3 ways you can save teachers time and improve instruction through connected education technology

Give teachers tools that work together so they can focus on student learning

Helping students stay safe: Indy company provides “great solution” to support schools in COVID-19 era

A hopeful perspective: As cracks in our education system are revealed, we need to dream about what’s possible

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Narrative 4’s positive classroom impact

Through the exchange of personal narratives we see the world, and ourselves, more empathically

The COVID-19 outbreak is changing our daily reality

Chalkbeat is a nonprofit newsroom dedicated to providing the information families and educators need, but this kind of work isn't possible without your help.

Walgreens and WE Teachers show support for teachers this back to school

A program that offers free tools, resources and trainings to educators across the US

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Supporting students with flexible language education

When it comes to language learning, Duolingo leads the field for reaching students wherever they are

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An identity crisis for teachers: What does it mean to be a teacher in the era of remote learning?

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Narrative 4, building connections and community

If you’re looking to build connections in your school or want to capture community narratives in these unprecedented times, Narrative 4’s story exchange can help

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VIDEO: Chalkbeat CEO Elizabeth Green on COVID-19 and the future of education journalism

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